Thursday, May 31, 2012

Hoggetowne 2001 part 3 - Falcon Demonstration and misc.

Falcon demonstration at the 2001 Hoggetowne Medieval Faire along with some other random scenes.

Amiga World Issue 17, February 1988

The February 1988 issue of Amiga World

Dragon Splashdown Marks End of Landmark Flight

SpaceX completed a landmark mission May 31 that saw its Dragon capsule deliver half-a-ton of supplies and equipment to the International Space Station and return safely to Earth.

Hopefully this is just the beginning of rapid progress brought about by the commercialization of space exploration.

What Games Machine, special 2000

Special buyer's guide issue of What Games Machine? from 2000

Computer Fun, April 1984

The April 1984 issue of Computer Fun

President Obama's secret kill list

The leader of the government regularly sits down with his senior generals and spies and advisers and reviews a list of the people they want him to authorize their agents to kill. They do this every Tuesday morning when the leader is in town. The leader once condemned any practice even close to this, but now relishes the killing because he has convinced himself that it is a sane and sterile way to keep his country safe and himself in power. The leader, who is running for re-election, even invited his campaign manager to join the group that decides whom to kill.

This is not from a work of fiction, and it is not describing a series of events in the Kremlin or Beijing or Pyongyang. It is a fair summary of a 6,000-word investigative report in The New York Times earlier this week about the White House of Barack Obama.

Republican or Democrat, the president should follow the rule of law.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Falcon 3.0 by Spectrum HoloByte for IBM compatibles


Advertisement for Falcon 3.0 by Spectrum HoloByte for IBM/compatibles (from the October 1992 issue of Electronic Games)

Commodore Horizons Issue 02

Commodore Horizons, February 1984

Hoggetowne Medieval Faire 3 (2010-02-06)

Jousting at the 2010 Hoggetowne Medieval Faire in Gainesville, Florida.

SpaceX signs first commercial customer for Falcon Heavy

SpaceX announced the first commercial contract for the Falcon Heavy rocket Tuesday, unveiling a deal with Intelsat, the world’s largest communications satellite operator.

Will South Dakota voters rock the nation and send message to the establishment?

Although it barely made a whisper in the national news, the fact is that the very first state that had polled Ron Paul in first place was actually South Dakota.

Whatcom GOP sees flood of precinct filings from Ron Paul supporters

Ron Paul supporters filed en masse to run for Republican Party precinct committee officers, grass-roots elected seats that will be on this year’s primary election ballot.

Ben Swann: Mitt Romney Did Not Win The Nomination

Ben Swann Reality Check takes a look at whether Mitt Romney has won the Republican nomination with his primary win in Texas.

Zombie Apocalypse Begins In Miami

One man was shot to death by Miami police, and another man is fighting for his life after he was attacked, and his face allegedly half eaten, by a naked man on the MacArthur Causeway off ramp Saturday, police said.

Europe’s debtors must pawn their gold for Eurobond Redemption

Southern Europe’s debtor states must pledge their gold reserves and national treasure as collateral under a €2.3 trillion stabilisation plan gaining momentum in Germany.

RNC Legal Counsel: Delegates are unbound, Ron Paul poised to win the nomination

In what may be the most stunning revelation of the ongoing GOP presidential nomination process, it has been discovered that in 2008, the RNC Legal Counsel legally interpreted the RNC rules and concluded that all delegates, regardless of state party rules, could vote for whomever he or she chooses at the Republican National Convention.