Friday, June 1, 2012

Soulless (C64)


Soulless is a new release by Psytronik Software for the Commodore 64 available on disk, tape and as a digital download.

A powerful warrior King, tired of constant battle and the smell of blood declares peace on the land he rules ... But his generals crave war and plan to overthrow the King. Enlisting the help of an evil wizard the King is cursed using unholy magic. His human body is twisted and deformed into a beastly form, his human soul is stolen! Locked away in a tomb the cursed King is all but forgotten while an unending war rages on for a thousand years ... Until one day a great quake shakes the land and smashes the wall of the Tomb holding the beast. Now he is FREE and is determined to reclaim his human soul and once again bring peace to the land.

From Georg 'Endurion' Rottensteiner, the maker of the smash hit C64 release Joe Gunn comes SOULLESS - a new arcade-adventure game for the Commodore 64 featuring stunningly detailed graphics by Trevor 'Smila' Storey! Soulless takes you on an epic quest around a huge exquisitely detailed map packed with objects to search and monsters to avoid as you desperately try to find your human soul.

Programmed by Georg 'Endurion' Rottensteiner

Graphics by Trevor 'Smila' Storey

Music by Mikkel 'Encore' Hastrup

Packaging by Trevor 'Smila' Storey

Published in 2012 by Psytronik Software

Massive map to explore

Stunningly detailed graphics & animation

Atmospheric soundtracks

Separate intro / end sequences

Premium package contains Soulless comic story, bonus CD + A3 map / poster!

Soulless will be released on June 1st 2012 on C64 tape, C64 budget disk (featuring glossy disk sleeve and disk label), as a PREMIUM C64 disk release (packaged in a 5.25" disk case with full colour glossy inlay artwork, glossy disk sleeve and deluxe Soulless comic booklet drawn by Trevor 'Smila' Storey) and also as a digital download which you can play in a C64 emulator.

For more info and to order:

The Commodore releases still coming 30 years later! :)

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