Monday, July 23, 2012

How Ron Paul Has Actually Changed the Course of History

Paul may have a speaking spot at the convention, and could even be up for nomination. We’ll have to wait until Tampa. What the Ron Paul Revolution has accomplished - and will accomplish - is of greater consequence to the course of history than any of the empty promises offered by the presumptive Republican nominee Mitt Romney and Nobel Peace Price-winning, NDAA signing, ‘kill list’ reviewing President Barack Obama.

Recently, Ron Paul had his last encounter with Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke. The double dose that Dr. Paul administered to Helicopter Ben was the same criticisms of central economic planning that the free market economists have been putting forth since Hayek, Mises, and even President Andrew Jackson - who called the Second Bank of the United States a “den of vipers and thieves.” Paul’s emphasis on the current system’s bias against the middle class and the poor, and the secrecy in which the private banking cartel operates were key points made in this final showdown. The $16 trillion that was sent to foreign banks during the 2008 crisis was a significant allegation that Bernanke did not attempt to refute.

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