Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Digital Archaeology Expedition #2 – Compaq DeskPro EN 6333 SFF

Digital Archaeology Expedition #2 – Compaq DeskPro EN 6333 SFF

This expedition only went as far as my own archives. I have a small form factor Compaq Deskpro that has been in my collection for a number of years. It had Windows 98 installed and I have on occasion used it booted into DOS mode to emulate a disk drive for my Commodore 64 via 64HDD. Just determining the exact model proved to be somewhat of a challenge.  I powered it up for the first time in a number of years and the BIOS message on the bottom of the screen identifies it as a Deskpro EN model. It had a 333 MHz Pentium II, 256 MB RAM and still booted into Windows 98 SE. There’s not a lot in the way of extra hardware in this machine and there isn’t room for much.  Video and networking are built in and there is a riser card that contains one PCI slot and one PCI/ISA shared slot. The only quick and easy upgrade I could do was to add another 128 MB RAM which I had laying around for a total of 384 MB which I think may be the maximum this motherboard will handle (a 512 MB stick didn’t work). I believe the model of this machine is a Deskpro EN 6333 SFF (the SFF is for Small Form Factor) though information about this particular model seems to be scarce on the internet.

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