Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Concentration of power: Rand Paul scores on Trump

Concentration of power: Rand Paul scores on Trump

Speaking at the New England Council’s Politics & Eggs breakfast at St. Anselm College last week, presidential candidate Sen. Rand Paul made a subtle point.

Most politicians want more power for themselves, he observed. “When you see people bray and, you know, say how great they are and how smart they are, do you think that’s a person who’s going to give up more power, or take more power?” Paul asked. He didn’t name Donald Trump, but he didn’t have to.

Classical conservatives distrust the concentration of power in a chief executive. They value checks and balances and co-equal branches of government. They support leaving as many decisions as possible in the hands of the people, through their representatives, in Congress. They prefer the devolution of power from Washington to the states and to our local communities.

Nothing we’ve observed of Trump over his decades as a high-profile businessman, as a television personality, or have heard from Trump the populist politician suggests he would share an ounce of power willingly.

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