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Amiga World Tech Journal (August/September 1991)

Amiga World Tech Journal (August/September 1991)

This spinoff of Amiga World didn't last all that long but it was a pretty good technically oriented publication for the Amiga. It was pretty expensive but it also came with a disk that included source and executables for everything in the magazine. The August/September 1991 issue of Amiga World Tech Journal includes:


  • ARexx Arcana: Hosts and Quotes - Successful command passing
  • Inside SCSI - An explanation of the spec
  • The Basics of Ray Tracing - Master light rays and shadows
  • An Introduction to Boopsi - The Amiga's own OOP
  • System Events and Event-Handling Routines - A look at the Exec's bookkepping
  • PostScript Primer - Graphics-output starter kit
  • Get Noticed - Prime PR pointers
  • Start-up Messages - Decode those flashing colors


  • RxTools - Intuition help for ARexx
  • AmeegaView - Shortcuts for C
  • MINIX 1.5 - Minix-Unix for the Amiga


  • Message Port - Learn or lend a hand
  • Digging Deep in the OS - Choose your math library
  • TNT - Products just out and on the way
  • Letters - What are you really thinking?

On Disk

  • 2.0 include files - straight from the CATS' mouth
  • Post - a PostScript interpreter

...and more!

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