Monday, November 2, 2015

Court Rules Six-Day-Old Baby Is Not A Person

Court Rules Six-Day-Old Baby Is NOT A PERSON

Ashley Jorgensen was only seven days old when she died. Her mother, Jennifer Jorgensen was convicted of manslaughter for causing her death and sentenced to three to nine years in prison.

That should have been that.

But it wasn’t over. Jennifer appealed the case, arguing that she couldn’t have committed manslaughter because Ashley Jorgensen wasn’t a person when she was fatally injured.

The New York Court of Appeals overturned her ruling and Jorgensen is free.

She was in her third trimester with Ashley in 2008 when she was involved in a head-on collision in New York State. She had been indicted for DUI.

The baby was delivered by C-section and died six days later.

But the courts ruled that Jennifer is only guilty of a misdemeanor...