Monday, January 23, 2017

Digital Archaeology Expedition #4 – Dell C600

Digital Archaeology Expedition #3 – Dell C600

This particular artifact was brought to me in the hope that I could make it operational once more. Even though at the time it was barely old enough to be considered “retro”, much less something worthy of archaeological consideration, there is something satisfying about reviving an old piece of hardware. In this particular case, the problem ended up being a dead LCD. Whatever other problems Dell’s may have, availability of service manuals and parts is not one of them. The screen was easy to obtain on eBay for not very much money and the manuals are available for free online from Dell. The repair was not very difficult and after the screen was replaced, it worked like a charm.

The Dell C600 has the following basic stats:

Chipset: Intel 440BX

CPU: Intel PIII Mobile

RAM: PC100 SDRAM (two user accessible SODIMM sockets

Graphics: ATI Mobility M3 (8 MB)

Network: 3Com 10/100 LAN

Modem: 56K V.90 Mini-PCI

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