Saturday, February 3, 2018

Brevard Renaissance Fair 2018 - The Craic Show / Clockwork Knotwork - Part 4 (O'Fortuna)

The Craic Show, or more accurately their alter ego Clockwork Knotwork, perform O'Fortuna at the 2018 Brevard Renaissance Fair in Melbourne, Florida.

The album this song is from can be found here:

From their Facebook page:

"Irish/American Steampunk music! ,
Turn-of-the-Century; Ragtime & Early Jazz
with a Celtic & Bluegrass twist!
Come and enjoy some fun, trouble makin’ music! A highly theatrical, musical show using intense violin, sexy percussions, bass guitar, blarin’ bagpipes and good ol’ fashion banjo & mandolin. Three-part harmonies add to the story, providing a musical “movie in your mind” experience. Dr. O’s one-of-a-kind, Electro Steampipes (steampunk bagpipes), bring the house down with steam-blasting horns!"

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