Thursday, January 30, 2020

Skeleton Warriors (PlayStation, Sega Saturn)

Skeleton Warriors (PlayStation, Sega Saturn)

This game was a rather obscure license and an early release for the PlayStation and Sega Saturn. Skeleton Warriors the game is based on a short-lived animated series and toy line. It's a pretty basic side-scrolling platform game but with 3D rendered graphics.
As a game based on a license I guess it is okay. Contemporary reviews were mostly positive but I think everyone was still enthralled by the new 32-bit systems so any game that wasn't complete garbage often got positive reviews at this point in time. There are 21 levels and more than 100 types of enemies in addition to the main villain, Baron Dark. This isn't a bad game but there's not much special about it either unless you were just a big fan of Skeleton Warriors.
Skeleton Warriors was released for both the Sega Saturn and PlayStation but as far as I know there have been no re-releases and given the nature of licenses, it seem pretty unlikely that there would ever be one. You can probably find an original pretty cheap though if you want it. I haven't compared versions directly but it seems unlikely that differences would be substantial so pick your favorite system.
The ad above is from the June 1996 issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly and the screen shots are from the PlayStation version of the game.

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