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Zzap! 64, September 1987

Zzap! 64, Issue Number 29, September 1987

I remember how surprised I was when I found out this existed. Why couldn't we have a games magazine dedicated to the Commodore 64 here in the States? You would have though there would have been a big enough market for one given that this was the mot popular computer ever. The September 1987 issue of Zzap! 64 includes: Refined Regulars
  • Editorial - Ciaran Brennan tells it like it is
  • Zzap! Rrap - Bursting forth from a heap of unsolicited SAE's, Lloyd goes talkabout with the Zzap! readership
  • What's New - Britain's Brightest Commodore Monthly brings you the gossip from inside the world of the C64
  • The White Wizard - A Rainbird spectacular, featuring Knight Orc and Guild of Thieves...and who are those shady characters?
  • 54 Manoeuvres - Philippa returns to go on the road with Autoduel and to indulge in a spot of gardening with Shard of Spring
  • Zzap! Tips - Play to win with maps of Head Over Heels and The Last Ninja - not to mention an amazing amount of hints and POKEs
  • Technical Bit In The Middle - Raster interrupts drive Mr. Liddon off the rails
  • Competition Winners - Is your name included?
  • The Scorelord Pontificates - The greatest gamers blow their own trumpets
  • Zzapback - Julian and Steve take a retrospective view at issues eleven and twelve
  • Readers' Charts - The chart that's by the readers and for the readers
  • Previews - Things to come in future issues...including Yogi Bear from Piranha, Renegade and Athena from Imagine and a profusion of releases from Cascade Games
  • Terminal Man II - Things hot up for Cross and company
Fashionable Features
  • Dedicated Follower - Sega's dedicated games console gets the once over
  • Twenty Twenty Vision - Julian Rignall sees eye to eye with Binary Vision's Paul Norris
  • Mental Procreation - Andrew Braybrook's labours reach their penultimate stage
  • Tamara Knight - Due to overwhelming demand, Mel Croucher's trek across the universe reaches its inevitable conclusion
  • Reader Offer - A spectacular shoot 'em up offer - for your eyes only
Stars for September
  • Zynaps - Hewson's latest shoot 'em up sizzles its way across 12 colorful levels
  • Re-Bounder - Gremlin's Bounder returns - meaner than ever and twice as agile
  • California Games - Epyx's sunny compilation wins a Gold Medal to wear on the beach
  • Guild of Thieves - Become a part of the criminal underworld with Magnetic Scroll's stunning adventure
  • Deceptor - US Gold's metamorphising release allows you to become half man, half car and half robot (that's three halves isn't it???)
  • Street Sports Baseball - Baseball is kid's stuff when you play with the Epyx Streetsports gang
  • Star Paws - Catch the Griffin in this race against time from Software Projects
Crucial Competitions
  • Zynaps - have a real-life shoot 'em up courtesy of Hewson
  • Firebird Comp - Win a Bubble Bobble arcade machine of your very own in this major Firebird competition
  • California Games - Become the envy of your street gang, with a host of street-cred sports gear from Epyx
  • PCW 1987 - Get in free to this year's Personal Computing World Show with one of 50 free tickets!
...and more!

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