Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Centralized Data Housing Creates Centralized Data Risk

Centralized Data Housing Creates Centralized Data Risk

As millions of Americans fret over the potential identity theft from the data breach at health insurer Anthem, it reminds them of how many times they’ve gone through this mess. Retailers Target, Neiman Marcus, and Home Depot as well as credit card processor Global Payments Inc., and major banks like JPMorgan Chase and Citibank have all experienced data breaches with their customer’s financial and personal data all being put at risk and on sale on the black market. But there’s one BIG data-center under attack that the mainstream media is trying not to talk about.

In Bluffdale, Utah the NSA has built a $2 billion data-center to house the results of both their approved and clandestine spying programs. The center has been plagued with challenges, including fiery explosions destroying hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of equipment. For all their ability to obtain intelligence, it seems they have a little more difficulty in obtaining someone smart enough to do the math on how much electricity is required to keep all their servers running and cool at the same time.

Now, Utah Public Safety Commissioner Keith Squires is attributing the 10,000 fold increase in cyber-attacks in the state on the NSA facility. The Utah Department of Technology Services has already experienced a data breach, with thousands of clients’ Social Security numbers and personal data compromised. Medical records have been compromised at the Utah Department of Health, with 280,000 Social Security numbers stolen and less sensitive information of as many as 500,000 others being taken as well.

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