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Amiga Plus (August 1989)

Amiga Plus (August 1989)

Amiga Plus was a relatively short-lived Amiga specific magazine by the publishers of Antic. Ironic given that was an Atari magazine. The August/September 1989 issue includes: Features
  • Lucasfilm Games and the Amiga Crusade - Exclusive preview of the two new Indiana Jones games.
  • Pixelations PrintScript - Bringing PostScript to any graphics printer.
  • Pro Video Goes Amiga - Behind the scenes with award-winning Dynamic Cablevision.
  • Desktop Budget - Uniquely easy icon-rich personal finance software
  • Hard-Copy Output - New column answers your questions about printing
  • Sound Effects Library - Amiga Plus Special Disk Bonus
  • Appointment Schedulers - NAG Plus 3.0 and Who! What! When! Where!
  • 3-D Tank Model - VideoScape animation on Amiga Plus Disk
  • Digi-Tricks - Quick and easy tips to enhance your digitizing technique
  • Amiga Graphics Universe - Part 2: The Video Show
  • Symbol Clip Art - Amiga Plus Special Disk Bonus
  • Get Ready for Super Agnus - It's not just a new chip - it's the Amiga's future
  • Trumpcard - SCSI hard disk controller does the job for your Amiga 2000
  • Care and Feeding of Your Hard Drive - Survival guide for newer "hard-heads"
  • Order From Chaos - Hypnotic visual explorations in fractal geometry
  • GFA BASIC 3.0 - Proven programming performer arrives for Amiga
  • Amiga Floating Point Math - Part 2: Double-precision calculations
  • Games Galaxy - Hostage, Dungeon Master, Baal, War in Middle Earth, Evil Garden
  • Hot Cars - Duel: Test Drive II, Out Run, Lombard RAC Rally
  • Word Hunt - Word search puzzle-maker
  • Masthead, Editorial
  • Alert Box - Amiga News briefs
  • Reader Input - Your letters to Amiga Plus
  • Guru Bashers - Answering your technical questions
  • Using Your Amiga Plus Disk
  • Advertisers Index
  • Reader Art Gallery
...and more!

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