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RUN: The Home User’s Guide to Commodore Computing (April 1985)

RUN: The Home User’s Guide to Commodore Computing (April 1985)

RUN was one of the most popular and longest lasting Commodore 8-bit magazines in the U.S. For most of its life it covered the Commodore 64 and Commodore 128 but it also covered the VIC-20 in its earlier days. The April 1985 issue includes: Features
  • Commodore Sundial - Learn how to make a sundial with the aid of your Commodore computer.
  • Charting Your Future - Biorhythms can tell you a lot about your state of being. This program lets you chart them.
  • Celestial Swami - Did you know that your C-64 can double as a fortune teller?
  • The Plus/4's File Manager - A review of the Plus/4's built-in database program.
  • Video Jukebox - Relax with this program of kaleidoscopic color and sound patterns for your C-64.
  • Picking the Right Sounds - Tune your guitar with this program.
  • Teacher's Pet - This educational program generates worksheets to help students practice basic arithmetic skills.
  • Easy Assembly - Here's your chance to begin learning assembly language; the first installment of a new series.
  • Let It Scroll! - Here's an easy-to-use subroutine that lets you scroll messages across your screen.
  • Programming Briefs - A list of disk commands for easy reference.
  • The Number Puzzle - It looks easy, but don't be so easily fooled.
  • A First Lesson in Programming for Kids - the Basic Print and Goto statements can make a child's introduction to programming easy and enjoyable.
  • Simon's Basic - A hard look at a version of Basic that adds 100 commands to your C-64 system.
  • Making Boxes - Add a little punch to your programs - this short subroutine lets you box in your screen messages and menus with ease.
  • Sound Sampler - Seventeen amusing, captivating and out-of-this-world sounds that you can add to your own programs.
  • Graph Maker 64 - Create, save and print colorful vertical bar graphs for use in your programs.
  • A User's Castle - A blueprint for building your own convenient computer sanctuary.
  • Gateway to the World - This continuing series examines how to connect your Commodore to the outside world and gives you a small project for controlling the user port.
  • Menu, Please - Here are routines that will add easy menu-handling to your Basic programs.
  • RUNning Ruminations
  • Magic - Hints and tricks that will let you perform computing wizardry.
  • Software Gallery
    • Gyruss
    • NATO Commander
    • Financial Cookbook
    • Exodus: Ultima III
    • Blue Moon
    • Promal
  • Computer Tutor - Educational software reviewed
  • Coming Attractions
  • Commodore Clinic - A questions-and-answers column to help your ailing computer.
  • Book Gallery
  • New Products RUNdown
  • Mail RUN
  • How to Type In Listings
  • RUN Amok
...and more!

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