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Compute! (September 1984)

Compute! (September 1984)

Compute! was the best of the early multi-format computer magazines. In 1984 it was covering a variety of 8-bit computers such as the VIC-20, Commodore 64, Atari 8-bit, TI-9/4A plus the PC (mostly the PC and PC Jr.). The September 1984 issue includes: Features
  • The Educational Software Explosion
  • The Latest in Learning: New Trends in Educational Computing
  • Choosing The Best Educational Software
Education and Recreation
  • The Tester
  • Missile Math
  • Lightsaver
  • Exodus: Ultima III For Commodore 64
  • The Seven Cities Of Gold
  • Word Flyer
Columns And Departments
  • The Editor's Notes
  • Readers' Feedback
  • Computers And Society: Discovery-Based Learning And Teenagers
  • Questions Beginners Ask
  • The Beginner's Page: ROM And RAM
  • The World Inside The Computer: Build A Computer In Your Mind
  • Learning With Computers: Aids For The Blind
  • INSIGHT: Atari
  • Machine Language: Math And Tables
  • Programming The TI: Writing An Educational Program
  • 64 Explorer
The Journal
  • Lightning Sort
  • Atari Bubble And Bulldozer Sorting
  • Commodore Autoboot
  • Atari Paddle Fixer
  • Apple Editing Hints
  • Commodore Disk Pattern Matching, Part 1
  • SYSound
  • Musical TI Keyboard
...and more!

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