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Home Computer Magazine – Volume 5, Number 3 (1985)

Home Computer Magazine – Volume 5, Number 3 (1985)

Home Computer Magazine started life as another magazine that focused solely on the TI-99/4A by Texas Instruments. By 1985, that machine wasn't really doing so well do to Commodore's price war. 99er then became Home Computer Magazine and covered a random assortment of computers including IBM/DOS, the Commodore 64, the Apple II and it continued to cover the TI-99/4A. Home Computer Magazine only lasted for about 11 issues. The Contents of Volume 5, Number 3 from 1985 include: Features
  • Budgetron - A mighty hero to rescue your budget.
  • Over-Reaction - Keep this reactor cool - but don't overreact.
  • Torpedo Alley - Fire torpedoes, then dive, dive!
  • Geometrix - Basic shapes compose the world.
  • Build a LOGO Adventure - In part 3, we add objects to our Adventure Land.
  • Achilles and the Turtle - Can Achilles ever beat the turtle?
  • Apple Seedlings - Generate character graphics on the hi-res screen.
  • Commodore Hornblower - Select waveforms and envelopes from SID.
  • IBMpressions - Blending sine waves into complex patterns.
  • Razzle Dazzle - Multi-layered animation with TI sprites.
  • MAC-ROs - Expanding BASIC on Macintosh
  • Speeding Up A BASIC Program - Part 1 teaches the first steps to speed up BASIC.
Product Reviews
  • The Gibson Light Pen - Sketch or paint right on the screen.
  • Monty Plays Scrabble - Is the computer a worthy opponent?
  • Dollars and Sense - Does it make sense to spend dollars on this program?
  • The Music of Sound Part 2: Music Software for the C-64 vs. Casio's CT-6000 Keyboard - Comparing musical hardware to musical software.
  • Junior's First Words: A Review of the PCjr Speech Attachment - This speech synthesizer has little to say.
  • Commodore-Taming for the Shrewd: A Review of SysRes - Coming to the aid of C-64 programmers.
  • Computer-Age Typing - A Look at Some Key Typing-instructor programs.
  • Going Solo: A Review of Flight Simulator II - Flying by the seat of your computer.
  • Moon Patrol - Eliminate the nasties in Sector 9.
  • Welcome to HCM
  • Inside/Outside HCM
  • Letters to the Editor
  • HCM One Liners
  • HCM Review Criteria
  • Industry Watch
  • Group Grapevine
  • HCM Product News
  • Program Listing Contents
  • Program Typing Guide
  • Debugs on Display
  • Home Computer Tech Notes
    • Apple
    • Commodore
    • IBM
    • TI
...and more!

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