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Commodore MicroComputers (July/August 1985)

Commodore MicroComputers (July/August 1985)

Commodore had a few different official publications over the years. Commodore MicroComputers would eventually become Commodore Magazine which is how I knew it best. The July/August 1985 issue of Commodore MicroComputers includes:
  • User Hotline
  • Letters
  • News
  • Software Reviews
    • Write Now/File Now/Mail Now
    • Kwik-Write
    • Right Again!
    • PFS-Report
    • Home Pak
    • The Music Shop
    • Master Composer
    • Insta-Ledger
    • Fast Load
    • Fleet System 2
    • Write File
  • Computer Wizard
    • Keyboarding and the Screen Editor
  • Programmers' Tips
    • Display T & S
    • Memory Finder
    • Self-Modifying Machine Language
    • XDOS
  • Technical Tips
    • Build a Burglar Alarm
    • Random Thoughts
  • Special Section: Software for Children
    • Donald Duck's Playground
    • Movie Musical Madness
    • Addition Magician/Moptown Parade
    • Big Bird's Funhouse
    • Swiss Family Robinson and Below the Root
    • Tuk Goes to Town
    • Stickybear
  • Book Reviews
    • Inside the 1541: A Look at Three Books
  • Features
    • The Commodore 128 In Pictures - An intimate look at Commodore's new triple-threat computer.
    • Vacation Computing - For those who want to get away from it all - all excep their computer, that is - some suggestions for taking your silicon friend along.
    • The Electronic Rembrandt - Graphics software has made it easier than ever to create electronic art on your computer. Among all the packages that are out there, which is best for you?
    • Programs for People Who Can't Draw - If you're all thumbs, you can combine pre-dawn forms to make pretty pictures on your 64.
    • A Buyer's Guide to Music Keyboards for the 64 - If you're a professional musician you nee a different kind of keyboard than a home plinker does. Here's an overview of choices.
    • Chameleon: Graphics Conversion Made Easy - Convert any high-res graphics screen to any other format - Koala to Micro Illustrator to Flexidraw to whatever - with this high-powered program. It's yours for the typing.
  • Commodore 64 Users Only
    • ManagerMania
    • Assembler Development System
  • Commodore 128 Users Only
    • Commodore 128 Graphics: Sprites
  • Users Groups
  • How to Enter Programs in Commodore MicroComputers
  • Advertiser Index
...and more!

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