Thursday, December 13, 2018

Enter (November 1983)

Enter (November 1983)

In the early 1980s there were several computer magazines targeted towards a younger audience though most didn't survive more than a couple of years. One of these was Enter. The November 1983 issue includes: Features
  • Escape to Adventure - In computer adventure games, you are the hero. Read all about them - then play 'Ice Pirates,' a game that begins on page 4.
  • Digital Dancing - Computers are adding colorful new touches to the art of dance.
  • The Light Fantastic - A laser and a joystick save a young girl's life.
  • The Maven - A most curious visit from a video game genius.
  • License to Thrill - In 'Never Say Never Again,' Bond plays electronic games.
  • Best of the Quests - A teenage adventure gamer reviews today's top challenges.
  • Fractured Flowcharts - A comical quiz tests your understanding of computer diagrams.
  • Q & A - ENTER's Help-Line.
  • Bits - Byte-sized news briefs.
  • User Views - Phil and Bernie face off on sports games.
  • Random Access - Our kids' column.
  • Pacesetter - Bela Selendy's amazing computer mazes.
  • Pencil Crunchers - Bela's Mindbender Maze.
  • Basic Training - Programming challenges.
  • Fiction - A Chip Mitchell Computer Caper.
  • Next - Coming attractions and puzzle answers.

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