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Hardcore Computist – Issue Number 6 (1984)

Hardcore Computist – Issue Number 6 (1984)
As it says at the top on the cover, Hardcore Computist was primarily about "How to backup, unlock, or modify copy-protected software." As such, it was pretty controversial for most of its life. It primarily covered the Apple II but there was some DOS based PC coverage too, at least in later issues. Issue Number 6 (from 1984 I believe) contains:
  • Program Enhancements: Quick.Bug - A more powerful version of the popular CPU utility.
  • Personalizing A Program - A powerful search utility which upgrades your monitor's capability.
  • Modified ROMs - An inexpensive answer to those copy cards.
  • CORE Section: Data Bases
  • Essential Data Duplicator: Review - The strong points and weaknesses of this new breed of nibble copier.
  • The CIA: Review - A guide to whether or not the CIA agents are for you.
  • Special Features
    • Reader's Softkey Exchange
      • Deprotecting Pandora's Box
      • Softkey for Donkey Kong
      • Backup For The Caverns Of Freitag
      • Short Softkey For Visifile
    • Advanced Playing Techniques
    • Whiz Kid - A beginner's guide to copy-protection.
  • Departments
    • Input
    • Advertising Index
...and more!

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