Friday, January 4, 2019

Amdek Color-I Monitor

Amdek Color-I Monitor

"The Color-I Monitor is designed to perform superbly with your Apple II, Atari or VIC Commodore personal computer and others. Highly styled cabinet. It accepts a composite video signal to produce vivid, richly colored graphic and sharp text displays. Very reasonably priced, the Color-I is a giant step above home TV sets and other monitors." Features include:

  • Quality 260(H) and 300(V) line resolution.
  • Built-in speaker and audio amplifier.
  • Front mounted controls for easy adjustment.
  • Interface cables available for Atari and VIC Commodore computers.
  • FCC/UL approved.

Most 8-bit computers could be used with a color TV but a composite monitor such as this one provided much better quality, particularly when it came to sharper text. I never owned this particular model. With my Commodore 64c I owned a Magnavox branded monitor though I have also owned Commodore branded composite monitors over the years too. This ad is from the first issue of Family Computing from September 1983.

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