Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Home Computer Magazine – Volume 4, Number 5

Home Computer Magazine – Volume 4, Number 5

Home Computer Magazine started life as 99er which exclusively covered the Texas Instruments TI-99/4A. That machine was discontinued and to stay alive 99er expanded coverage to also include IBM, Commodore and Apple machines, for some reason keeping coverage exclusive to those brands. The name also changed to Home Computer Magazine though it wouldn't last very long. Volume 4, Number 5 of Home Computer Magazine includes: Features

  • Quiz Construction Set - We provide the tools, you make it and take it.
  • Personal Load Calculator - Find out where your interest lies.
  • Jumping Ahead With Game Programming - Learn the techniques from the inside out.
  • Sketch-64 - Let the joystick become your Commodore graphics link.
  • Simon Sez - New string-related commands from our learned friend.
  • Razzle Dazzle - See how character manipulation enlivens TI graphics.
  • Division Tutor - Long division meets the home computer.
  • Putting The Puzzle All Together: Apple IIc Programming Considerations - Secrets of programming the newest Apple.
  • Bird Brain - Fly fishing takes on a new meaning.
  • Slither - This slimy snake silently slithers and sneaks.
  • LOGO Clones: TI Graphics in a Turtle-Shell - Duplicate turtles do their thing.
  • Build a LOGO Adventure - Part 1 of a series on creating interactive fiction.

Product Reviews
  • Race Across the Page: A Review of the Evelyn Wood Dynamic Reader - Speed reading taught in a new medium.
  • 99/4A Auto Spell Check - Proofread your spelling the easy way.
  • PCjr ColorPaint - A mouse of many colors.
  • Graphics Magic At Your Fingertips: A Review of Super Sketch - Sketch what you will on this new tablet.
  • New Keys For Junior: A Review of Three Keyboards for the PCjr - No more chicklets with this Good 'n' Plenty assortment.
  • The Cricket!: A Sound Synthesizer And More For The Apple - More than just chirp, it sings!
  • Sailing - Seafaring adventures in the Bermuda Triangle.
  • Midnite Mason - Ghostly doings in a haunted building.
  • King's Quest - Help Sir Grahame find the treasure.

  • Welcome to HCM
  • Inside/Outside HCM
  • On Screen
  • Letters to the Editor
  • HCM One Liners
  • HCM Review Criteria
  • Group Grapevine
  • Industry Watch
  • HCM Product News
  • Program Typing Guide
  • Program Listing Contents
  • DeBugs on Display
  • Home Computer Tech Notes
    • Apple
    • Commodore
    • IBM
    • TI

...and more!

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