Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Competition Karate (Commodore 64)

Competition Karate (Commodore 64)

Not only are there new games being created for older platforms like the Commodore 64 all the time, but older obscure games are also constantly being rediscovered. Competition Karate is a case in point. Competition Karate is a relatively obscure game that was written in BASIC and released in 1984. It was recently re-released with a few bug fixes and enhancements.

Though relatively primitive for a Commodore 64 game, it isn't terrible especially given that it was written in BASIC. There are better fighting games out there of course but this one offers surprising complexity for a BASIC game. It allows the creation of your own fighters with unique statistics and multi-match tournament simulation.

Obviously this isn't a game you are likely ever to find as an official re-release but it can be downloaded for your Commodore 64 or emulator from here. It's worth checking out even if only for the novelty factor.

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