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Computer Gaming World (September 1989)

Computer Gaming World (September 1989)

I think without a doubt that Computer Gaming World was the best PC games magazine. In 1989 they were still covering other computer systems and the magazine was only at 50 pages but it would reach it's peak in the 1990s with the development of the 3D accelerator and the subsequent explosion of PC gaming. There were some truly massive issues then. The September 1989 issue includes: Features
  • SSI's "Curse of the Azure Bonds" - Scorpia Explores Another "Forgotten Realm"
  • Epyx's "The Omicron Conspiracy" - "We'd Tell You More, But..."
  • SSI's "Hillsfar" - "It Takes A Thief" To Be The Best
  • The Sounds of Silicon - CGW's Test Lab Explores IBM Sound Boards
  • "Chessmaster 211" vs. "Sargon 4" - Software Toolworks and Spinnaker Face-Off
  • It's A "Grand [Old] Fleet" - SimCan's World War I Naval Combat Game
  • SSI's "Red Lightning" Strikes Twice - Modern Warfare on the ST and IBM
  • Here Comes the "Fire King" - SSG's Action/Role-Playing Game
  • How to Plan for a Long "Journey" - Game Hints from Abroad
  • Star Saga Two: The Clathran Menace - Masterplay's New Adventure Game
  • Linking Up for "Tournament Golf" - Playing a "Mean[er] 18"
  • Hints for Infocom's "Arthur" - Scorpion's Tale Offers "Roundtable" Discussion
  • "Name The Game" Contest - Win A Free 3-Year CGW Subscription
  • Letters from Paradise
  • Taking A Peek
  • Conversions Received
  • Rumor Bag
  • Inside The Industry
  • Game Ratings
  • CGW Hall of Fame
  • Reader Input Device
...and more!

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