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Family Computing (April 1984)

Family Computing (April 1984)

Family Computing was one of a number of multi-format magazines that popped up in the early to mid 1980s that were oriented either towards kids or families. None of those seemed to really last that long and Family Computing was around less than two years. It covered pretty much every system available at the time which was quite a lot. I suppose that once someone decided on a particular computer to buy they switched to a magazine dedicated to that computer. More bang for your buck that way I suppose. Anyway, the April 1984 issue includes: Programming
  • The Programmer - For enthusiasts of all levels.
  • Beginner Programs - Go on an Egg Hunt and discover some Top Secret information with programs for ADAM, Apple, Atari, Commodore 64 and VIC-20, IBM, TI, Timex, and TRS-80 Computers.
  • Puzzle - Proto and the Dormirians: Can you find where your space shuttle is docked before it blasts off for Earth?
  • Reader-Written Program - Turn your VIC-20 into a "piano" that can record as well as play music.
  • What's In Store - A dozen pages of product announcements and reviews.
  • New Hardware Announcements - The latest in the field: Tandy/Radio Shack's new MS-DOS computer (TRS-80 Model 2000). Smith-Corona's new line of dot-matrix printers, Magellan's light-pen system, and more.
  • Novelties & Notions - A compendium of computer-related items including a book of computer cartoons, a "Data Bank," a mini micro clock, programmer mugs, and more.
  • Software Guide - Quick takes of two dozen new and noteworthy programs.
  • Software Reviews
  • Book Reviews
  • Editor's Note
  • Letters
  • Behind The Screens - People, News, and Trends.
  • Home-School Connection - School computing programs: Still a long way from Utopia.
  • Games - Arcade translations for the personal computer.
  • Home Business - Computerizing your family ties.
  • Computing Confidential - The story of a reformed computer widow.
  • Computing Clinic - Questions from readers are answered.
  • BASIC Booth - A monthly cartoon.
  • The Primer - A multipart reference guide that appears each month.
  • Advertiser Index
...and more!

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