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Electronic Gaming Monthly (August 1995)

Electronic Gaming Monthly (August 1995)
There were a vast number of home video game systems to chose from in the mid 1990s and EGM covered them all. From the older but still viable 16-bit classics to Segas frankenstein add-on system to the latest and greatest 32-bit systems and systems that were never really mainstream, they were all here. It makes today's video game scene look tame by comparison. The August 1995 issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly includes: Cover Story - Super NES, Genesis, PlayStation? Which system will have the best translation of Mortal Kombat 3? Check out this issue's cover story! Departments
  • Insert Coin
  • Interface: Letters to the Editor
  • Press Start
  • Review Crew
  • EGM Hot 50
  • Gaming Gossip
  • Special Features
  • Arcade Action
  • International Outlook
  • Next Wave
  • Tricks of the Trade
  • Team EGM
  • Lifestyles
  • Advertising Index
  • Super NES - Save the kiddies from the baddies in SWAT Kats!
  • Genesis - Go on a deadly adventure with Indiana Jones!
  • Sega CD - Drive a bus across the desert and back again in Penn & Teller!
  • 3DO - Play s a brain on a scavenger hunt in Daedalus Encounter!
  • PlayStation - Wear a cosmic powersuit in the futuristic RPG Space Griffon!
  • Game Gear - Stop the evil terrorists with the portable game, Jungle Strike!
  • Which System Will Be Crowned King of the Home Translation of MK3? - The Super NES, Genesis and PlayStation will be battling this holiday season for the best translation of the arcade smash, Mortal Kombat 3. The Genesis version, although a bit grainy, contains smooth animation and excellent sound. The Super NES version has everything from the Versus Screen with the secret code on the bottom to the Continued Screen. Don't forget the PlayStation version with its fantastic graphics, and the game might even be shipped with the system. It's up to gamers now to judge the winner!

  • It's Mario's 10th Anniversary and Nintendo Celebrates with Yoshi's Island! - Mario, the famous plumber, is in trouble again and it is up to Yoshi to help his Italian pal out. Super Mario 2: Yoshi's Island will be slamming onto the Super NES. In this issue, we have hot pictures, secrets and a cool two-page map of the game. This cart falls in nicely with the other Mario games and sticks to its genre, with all the Mario secrets, techniques and loads of levels. However, this time the classic look is traded for an almost childlike perspective with crayon style graphics and cuteness at every angle.

  • EGM Travels to the Tokyo Toy Show to Bring Back Exclusive Pictures - The Tokyo toy show is one of the most highly anticipated shows in Japan and EGM was there! Housing tons of video game companies and toy manufacturers, we received exclusive pictures on Rockman 3 (Mega Man X3) and Final Fight 3. Also check out the shots of Mickey Mouse 3, DarkStalkers for the PSX, RayTracers, Zeitgeist, Hat Trick Hero, Darius Gaiden (Darius 3 in the U.S.), Race Drivin', Clockwork Knight 2, Kabuki Fighting Lore and many more. Also, EGM snuck in and photographed the highly anticipated 3DO M2 unit!
More than 60 games are reviewed, previewed or otherwise covered in this issue.

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