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Run: The Commodore 64 128 User’s Guide (November 1990)

Run: The Commodore 64 128 User’s Guide (November 1990)

RUN magazine, along with the Commodore 64, had their last really good year in 1989 (at least in North America). For the magazine it was sharply downhill in terms of page count starting in 1990 though it would hang on for a couple more years. The January 1990 issue includes: Features
  • Printer Prescription - Answers to ten commonly asked questions about printers.
  • Two Worth Noting - Here's the lowdown on the Star Micronics NX-2410 Multi-Font and Citizen 200GX printers.
  • Printer Controller 64/128 - Get away from commonplace printouts! This program lets you use more attractive styles by making it easier to input printer control codes.
  • Free Software - Virtually thousands of C-64 and C-128 public domain programs are available, from disk utilities to arcade games. And they're all free!
  • Q-Link Sextet - Six top-notch public domain programs available on QuantumLink.
  • Plaque Man - A twist on the classic arcade game, Pac Man, this program is filled with fun and fast action for the C-64!
  • Macro Mania - These Basic commands and functions are yours at a single stroke of a key. For the C-64.
  • Machine Language Magic - Now your C-64 programs can make use of the speed of machine language code, without the hassle.
  • RUNning Ruminations - RUN's editors present 64 things to be happy about in the world of Commodore computing.
  • Magic - The exclusive source of hints and tips for performing Commodore computing wizardry.
  • Software Gallery
    • Champions of Krynn
    • Ghostbusters II
    • TV Sports Football
    • Heatwave
    • X-Men: Madness in Murderworld
  • 128 Mode - Check into these handy uses for Direct mode.
  • ProTips - The number of productivity tips keeps growing! Here are some for GEOS, RUN Shell, and more.
  • Gold Mine - Hints for a graphics role-playing adventure and some arcade action games are sure to improve your gaming strategies.
  • geoWatch - Save memory and disk space while creating stand-alone programs with geoBasic.
  • Commodore Clinic - Answers to your questions about Commodore computing.
  • RUN's Checksum Program - Run it right the first time.
  • Coming Attractions; List of Advertisers

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