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RUN: The Commodore 64 128 User’s Guide (September 1989)

RUN: The Commodore 64 128 User’s Guide (September 1989)

RUN magazine was my favorite Commodore 64 magazine. By 1989 the Commodore 64 was certainly in decline but RUN was still going strong and would continue for a few more years. Advertising pages had declined significantly but all the content was still there. The September 1989 issue includes: Features
  • geoFolks - Meet some members of the GEOS clan whose creative applications can inspire GEOS users everywhere.

  • Berkeley and its geoPlans - What can GEOS users expect for their Commodore computers in the future?

  • geoSlides - You'll find that viewing Doodle! and Koala files from within GEOS is easy with this C-64 and C-128 program.

  • Day-of-the-Week Calendar - Finding a date is quick and easy with this 100-year calendar program. For the C-64 and 128.

  • Word Wonder - You must be clever to win at this C-64 and 128 letter-guessing game.

  • Shell Shock - Reduce your opponent to scrap metal in this fast-paced C-64 tank duel.

  • Quickmat - No more cups of coffee while waiting for your C-64 to format disks. With this utility, you won't even make it to the kitchen.

  • Match Games - Adult or child, you'll have a real challenge matching these complex patterns on your C-128.
  • RUNning Ruminations - What would the Commodore environment look like without GEOS?

  • Magic - The number-one column of hints and tips for performing Commodore computing wizardry.

  • News and New Products - Recent developments and releases in the World of Commodore computing.

  • Software Gallery - Reviews of:
    • Word Writer 4
    • Keith Van Eron's Pro Soccer
    • Pharaoh's Revenge
    • Time and Magik
    • The Honeymooners
    • Willow
    • Navy Seal
    • Demon's Winter
    • Hole-in-One Miniature Golf
    • Firezone
    • BattleTech
    • First Over Germany

  • Mail RUN - An unusual application for the C-64, more complaints about Commodore, and other input from our readers.

  • Games Gallery - Entertain Lady Luck on your C-64.

  • Commodore Clinic - Answers to your questions about Commodore computing.

  • RUN's Checksum Program - Run it right the first time.

  • Coming Attractions; List of Advertisers
...and more!

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