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JoyStik (April 1983)

JoyStik (April 1983)

JoyStik is one of a number of early 1980s magazines that had the great timing of starting their publication run near the time of the video game crash of that era. As such, they tended not to last very long. The April 1983 issue of JoyStik includes: Neo
  • Q*Bert - Here's how to play the qute, qrazy, qube-hopping arcade game.
The Winning Edge
  • Tempest - Electrifying top-level Tempest strategies
  • "Silver Sue" England - Scott Phillips chats with the proprietor of Chicago's late-night hot spot for "serious players."
  • Double Your Galaga Firepower - David Small shows you how to use the Galaga doubleship for top scores.
  • West Coast Game Manufacturers - Who's who and what's what in the Wild West.
  • The Arcades of Seattle - A tour of the Jet City's best game rooms.
  • Star Raiders Training Manual - Your mission: conquer the Krylons!
  • The Game Design Gamble - Despite creativity and technology, game design is still a crapshoot.
  • The Arctic Antics of Pengo - Steve Sanders' super sno-bee smashing strategies.
  • Pac-Man: The Last Word - The best of the 9th-key patterns.
  • When Video Games Are Outlawed, Only Outlaws Will Play Games - Jim Gorzelany's satirical look at the video game "temperance movement."
  • Letters
  • Future Waves - AMOA Expo '82: the arcade beauty pageant.
  • The Home Front - Jim Gorzelany rates the new game cartridges.
  • Home Video - Danny Goodman pits game systems vs. computers.
  • Computer '83 - David and Sandy Small look at computer network space games.
  • Cartoon
  • Technocracy
  • JoyStik Charts
...and more!

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