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Analog Computing (April 1989)

Analog Computing (April 1989)

Analog computing was one of the two major Atari 8-bit magazines in North America. It was a great magazine for owners of those systems and it had a long life. The April 1989 issue includes: Features
  • Krazy Mazes - An exciting two-player game of mazes and chases written entirely in machine langauge.
  • Master Memory Map, Part IX - ANALOG's official memory map continues
  • Univert - How many decimeters are ther in a cubit? How many leagues in a light year? With Univert you can easily convert from any unit of measurement to another.
  • Pixel Averaging on the Atari - This graphics technique will allow you to hide those jagged edges in your computer art masterpieces.
  • Panak Strikes - This month Steve looks at Gauntlet (Atari) and Richard Petty's Talladega (Cosmi).
  • The Converter (No Frills Software)
  • Cheat! (Alpha Systems)
  • Database DELPHI
  • Game Design Workshop
  • ST Notes
  • The End User
  • Editorial
  • Reader Comment
  • 8-bit News
  • M/L Editor
  • BASIC Editor II

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