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RUN: The Commodore 64/128 User’s Guide (November 1989)

RUN: The Commodore 64/128 User’s Guide (November 1989)

RUN was my favorite magazine dedicated to the Commodore 64 and it was also one of the longest lasting. The November 1989 issue of RUN includes: Features
  • Making an Impression with Printers - Looking for outstanding output at reasonable cost? Here's some advice for potential printer purchasers.
  • The Nuts and Bolts of GEOS to RUN Paint - How to transfer geoPaint screens to RUN Paint with your C-64 or 128.
  • Friendly File Copier - Fast and menu-driven for ease of use, it works with any two Commodore-compatible drives and your C-64.
  • Caribe Bein' - Create your own online character and mingle with others in QuantumLink's new tropical hot spot.
  • Non-Habitat Forming - How Club Caribe came into being.
  • Build a Better Basic - Add a host of structured commands to your C-64's built-in-Basic.
  • Wall Street 128 - Make and break fortunes with roller coaster price fluctuations in this C-128 stock market game.
  • Deep C-64 World - Turn your C-64 into an underwater wonder to delight your eyes in this colorful electronic aquarium.
  • RUNning Ruminations - RUN acquires Commodore Magazine.
  • Magic - The number-one column of hints and tips for performing Commodore computing wizardry.
  • News and New Products - Recent developments and releases in the world of Commodore computing.
  • Mail RUN - Readers tell about their unusual applications, and RUN solves the Case of the Jumping Pointer.
  • Software Gallery - Reviews of:
    • Hollywood Squares
    • Chomp!
    • Thunder Blade
    • RoboCop
    • Destroyer Escort
    • Baal
    • Sky Shark
  • Games Gallery - Take a high-speed chase to car-and-motorcycle racing fun and excitement!
  • Commodore Clinic - Answers to your questions about Commodore computing.
  • geoWatch - Benefit from this GEOS user's experience and design your own fantastic fonts.
  • RUN's Checksum Program - Run it right the first time.
  • Coming Attractions; List of Advertisers
...and more!

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