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Commodore Magazine (July 1989)

Commodore Magazine (July 1989)

Though this was near the end of the life of Commodore Magazine, 1989 was still a big year for the Commodore 64 and Amiga. However, things would decline rapidly in the following couple of years. The July 1989 issue of Commodore Magazine includes:

  • Profitable Amiga Video - The advent of the Amiga heralded the birth of desktop video. We spotlight two video companies that rely on what the Amiga does for the bottom line. Then we'll tell you about the software they use and the multitude of products available in this burgeoning field.

  • Amiga Video Product Information

  • Cover Story: Activision Celebrates a Memorable Decade - Over the past ten years Activision has made millions of joystick jockeys' dreams come true. The company has changed and grown over the years and enters its second decade with a new corporate title - Mediagenic. Under this umbrella fall such well-respected lines as Infocom, Gamestar, and Activision Entertainment. Find out more about the company's diverse offerings including a sneak peek at Ghostbusters II.

  • 64 and 128 Software Reviews
    • Serve & Volley
    • Out Run
    • Road Wars
    • Street Sports Football
    • Alf's First Adventure
    • Wizardry I: Proving Grounds
    • Annals of Rome
    • Win, Lose or Draw
    • The Write Stuff 128

  • Amiga Software Reviews
    • Dragon's Lair
    • Zany Golf
    • Better Dead Than Alien
    • Awesome Arcade Action Pack, Vol. 1
    • Robbeary
    • Cosmic Relief
    • Heroes of the Lance
    • DeluxePrint II
    • MovieSetter
  • Letters
  • News
  • Tips & Tricks
    • Hints for Fun and Utility
    • Gold Mine
  • Software Shorts - A New Beginning
  • Inside Q-Link - Welcome to My World
  • Technology - System Crackers Indicted
  • Projects - X-10 Power Line Interface
  • Adventure Road - Fishing for the Death Angel
  • Pumping GEOS - Spreading the GEOSpel
  • Programming - 1541 Disk Rescue
  • 128 Mode - ML Programming via the Monitor
  • Amiga Update - Still Video
...and more!

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