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Info (December/January 1990)

Info (December/January 1990)

While Info (or .info) at one time also covered the Commodore 64, by 1990 it was Amiga exclusive. One unique aspect of this magazine was that it was created with home computer hardware and software. Commodore 64s in the early days and later the Amiga. The December/January 1990 issue includes: Focus
  • The Battletech Center - .info reporter Jeff Lowenthal jumps into the cockpit of a 31st century BattleMech simulator... in a Chicago mall!
  • Dear Santa, I Was Very Good This Year - Judith Kilbury-Cobb sorts out this Holiday Season's best software stocking stuffers for younger Amigoids.
  • .info's Top Twenty-Five Games of 1990 - The .info staff picks the hottest games of the year.
The Amiga Pro
  • Toaster Talk - Publisher Benn Dunnington delivers his first impressions of what it's like to really use NewTek's Video Toaster.
  • Video - Oran J. Sands examines Elan Performer 2.0, the latest incarnation of Elan Design's presentation sequencer.
  • Product Review - David Martin cracks open his A2000 to install a shiny new space-saving GVP Impact Series II SCSI RAM Controller.
  • Product Review - The ever-busy David Martin reports on the state of development of Commodore's industry-standard UNIX for the Amiga.
  • .info Technical Support
    • Hard Disk Management - Part 2
    • AmigaDOS Scripts and Iconx
    • RAD:ICAL Ideas
    • Programming Fundamentals - Part 2
  • .info Monitor
  • Reader Mail
  • New Products
  • .info Update
  • News & Views
  • Rumor Mill
  • Back Issues
  • Public Domain
  • Unclassifieds
  • Advertiser Index
  • 21 New Diversions
  • Game Tips
  • Coming Soon
  • Adventure Road
...and more!

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