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Compute!’s Gazette (July 1985)

Compute!’s Gazette (July 1985)

Compute's Gazette was one of Compute!'s most successful spin-offs and one of the most successful Commodore 8-bit magazines. In 1985 the VIC-20 was still being covered in addition to the newer Commodore 64. The July 1985 issue includes:

  • A Buyer's Guide to Printers
  • The Turbo Loaders: High Speed For Tape And Disk
    • TurboTape
    • TurboDisk

  • Weather Tamers
  • The MPS-802 and MPS-803 Printers
  • Video Basic-64

  • Sleuth
  • Space Gallery

Education / Home Applications
  • Computing For Families: Our Robot Hotel

  • BASIC Magic: A Matter Of Time
  • Machine Language For Beginners: Welcome To The Nightmare
  • Hints & Tips: Quick Search
  • Zounds!, Part 1
  • Easy Load
  • Power BASIC: Disk Title Changer

  • The Editor's Notes
  • Gazette Feedback
  • User Group Update
  • Horizons
  • Simple Answers To Common Questions

Program Listings
  • How To Type In Compute!'s Gazette Programs
  • MLX: Machine Language Entry Program
  • Bug-Swatter: Modifications And Corrections

...and more!

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