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Compute! (August 1981)

Compute! (August 1981)

If you happened to be a computer owner in 1981 then Compute! would have definitely been a magazine that you would have wanted to subscribe to. The magazine lasted for more than a decade and in these early days it was exclusively covering 8-bit computers based on the 6502 processor. There were more of these than you might think. The August 1981 issue includes:
  • The Editor's Notes
  • Ask The Readers
  • Computers And Society: Some Speculations On The Well-Played Game, Part II
  • The Beginner's Page
  • Basically Useful Basic: Checking Randomness Of Random Number Generators
  • Trenton: The Original Computer Festival
  • Basic Oneliners: Minimize Code And Maximize Speed
  • Computer Assisted Instruction - Worth The Effort?
  • Wolves, Caribou, And Other Problems
  • Add A Programmable Sound Generator
  • The Carry Bit - What It Is And How It Works
  • The Floating-Point Division Routine
  • Practical Aspects Of Assembly Language: Part II

  • The Apple Gazette
    • Apple Disk Motor Control
    • Interfacing The Apple To 6500 Family Peripherals
    • A Cassette Tape Monitor For The Apple
    • Diskette Sector Space In A Greeting Program

  • The Atari Gazette
    • Restoring And Updating Data On The Atari
    • Easy Reading Of The Atari Joystick
    • Poem Writer
    • Supercube Update
    • Atari Sound Utility
    • Blockade For The Atari
    • Define A Line On The Atari

  • The OSI Gazette
    • The OSI RS232 Port And The High Speed Printer Interface

  • The Pet Gazette
    • The CBM "Fat 40" - Boon Or Bane?
    • Digital Arrayment
    • Keyword
    • CBM/PET Loading, Chaining And Overlaying
    • Converting Pet Basic Programs To ASCII Files

  • The Single Board Computer Gazette
    • The Single Board 6502
    • Nuts And Volts: Build Your Own Controllers Part II

  • New Products
  • Advertiser's Index
...and more!

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