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JoyStik (November 1983)

JoyStik (November 1983)

Most early video game magazines had the misfortune of being born right around the time of the video game crash and hence did not survive very long. JoyStik is no exception. The November 1983 issue includes: Neo
  • The Secrets of Dragon's Lair - Laser disk technology in the arcades with the latest entry from Cinematronics. We'll show you how it works...and how to win.
  • The Winning Edge
    • Joust - Even the best flyers will rack up higher scores with these top strategy tips from Eric Ginner.
  • Features
    • Star Wars - The force is with you with Tad Perry's strategy tips for Atari's flashy new space game entry.
    • Hurdling the Obstacles of Bump'N'Jump - Fast-paced strategies for the newest game to hit the driving circuit.
    • Millipede: The Bugs Are Back - The Swarms have returned, but they're not unbeatable in this sequel to Centipede. Beat them in no time with these tips.
    • Interactive Video: The Choice Is Yours - Home computer technology from Pioneer and RCA offers the player a series of options.
    • Reaching the Summit of Cannonball Blitz - Master the rivet and springboard screens with updated strategy for an Apple classic.
  • Departments
    • Letters
    • New Waves - The best from the Consumer Electronics Show.
    • Home Front - The last word on bargains for your home video library.
    • Tricks of the Trade - Inside tips from the arcade pros.
    • Technocracy
    • Charts

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