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Info (November 1991)

While Info (or .info) covered both Commodore's 8-bit and 16-bit computers, by 1991 it was only covering the Amiga. The November 1991 issue includes: ProVisions
  • Graphics - Brad Schneck presents a RoundUp of the top Amiga native made paint programs.
  • MultiMedia - Harv Laser's Rockin' and Boppin' to CD+G on CDTV. (With discography!)
  • Audio - Bob Lindstrom examines the topic of how to add music to multimedia.
  • Video - OJ Sands III puts himself in the picture with MicroSearch's impressive Chromakey.
.info technical support
  • UNIX: Is It For You? - Daniel Barrett finishes his discussion with Part II: For the Programmer.
  • Quarterback Tools - David Martin reviews this Amiga utility program.
  • Point / Counterpoint - Nick Sullivan and Chris Zamara debate the relative virtues of the Workbench and CLI.
  • Checking Out Programs - Jim Butterfield warns that Hallowe'en and Christmas may be the same thing.
  • Hardware - Mort Kevelson packs an A500 with ICD's internal peripherals.
  • Public Domain - Jeff Lowenthal looks at programs from GEnie and CranWare.
  • Tir Na Nog - Brad Schneck explains the creative process.
  • CyberPlay - Tom reviews 4 new games, then twiddles his electronic thumbs.
  • Productivity - Jim Meyer backs up with Ami-Back and Flashback.
  • DevCon Report - Mark visits the Coors Brewery and the Amiga DevCon.
  • .info Monitor
  • Mail
  • New Products
  • News & Views
  • .info Update
  • The Rumor Mill
  • Advertisers' Index
...and more!

Info (November 1991)

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