Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Taco Bell / Nintendo 64

Taco Bell / Nintendo 64

This ad is from the November 1997 issue of Nintendo Power. Apparently, around this time Taco Bell was doing a promotion in which the toys given out as part of their kids' meals was Nintendo 64 related. At this time, I was already too old for these kinds of toys and I wasn't really a collector at that point.

The ad mentions that there are 5 different toys to collect. Only two are pictured in the ad: the "Donkey Kong Tree Maze" and the "Mario Kart 64 Joystick". I think that if I had been a kid of a certain age and went to Taco Bell excited about getting something Nintendo 64 related, I would have been pretty disappointed. I mean playing Mario Kart 64 is so much better than playing with a plastic fake Mario Kart 64 controller. Having said that, it would probably be pretty neat to have these today. And tacos are always good. Anybody know what the other toys in the series were or still have any of these lying around?

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