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The Guide to Computer Living (November 1986)

The Guide to Computer Living (November 1986)

The Guide to Computer Living was a Commodore specific magazine that was published in Oregon. It covered at least the Commodore 64, Commodore 128 and Amiga. As far as I can tell, it seemed to be popular regionally but not necessarily nationally. The November 1986 issue includes:
  • RND (0) Notes - We now join "As The Disk Spins" in progress. Soap suds and silicon, the new fall line up.

  • To The Editor - Complaints and kudos for Dr. Tim. But no defense of the VIC-20 this month. Sorry.

  • CompuSex - And you thought we were kidding! C-P-U meets S-E-X and, thanks to this special section of The Guide, YOU ARE THERE.

  • Adventures of a Baudy Lady - Log on, leer in and lather up. Sex with a modem. What's happening in the dim recesses of database services.

  • Sex & Computers! - We promised...we delivered! Computers in compromising positions. A Guide Exclusive!

  • Leather Goddesses Of Phobos - Tame, Suggestive or Lewd. Infocom breaks the no-no barrier (sort of) in their new "adult" adventure.

  • Computer Widow - Turned off and abandoned. And we're not talking about the computer. Is there NOTHING left for a lonely housewife to do?

  • IntraCourse - This sex survey program asks you about things you've never dreamed about and things you'd rather forget. Then it compares you to The National Average. An anxiety-maker endorsed by Dr. Joyce Brothers.

  • Strip Poker - The game where you don't care if it doesn't play such a good game of cards. The computer amusement that made teenage boys happy.

  • Computer Curmudgeon - From programming to puberty. One woman's perspective.

  • BobsTerm Pro 128 - Signing-on was never more fun or more versatile. An outstanding terminal program moves to the C-128.

  • FSD-1 Disk Drive - Cheaper than a 1541, smaller than a 1541 and it does all the same stuff. Why pay more?

  • Freeze Frame - CardCo may be gone; but Freeze Frame continues to dump on their memory.

  • VIP Professional MaxiPlan - One Amiga spreadsheet that does a Lotus 1 2 3 impersonation, another that talks. Now, what about one that does Ed Sullivan?

  • Turbo MIRV - It's getting crowded in here! MIRV stuffs desktop utilities into the C-64/128 and there isn't enough room to move sideways.

  • Quickies - Brisk and sometimes abrasive reviews of the latest in computer products. You read it here first.

  • Potpourri - Technicolor zombies, nuclear holocaust and Commodore International. Amazing what's getting into the news these days.

  • Real Gamers... - Bob winds up a new joystick and dusts off a couple oldies. You read it here first.

  • Dr. Timothy Leary - From cave to keyboard. Dr. Leary looks East and describes the dawning of the computer age.

  • Amiga Monthly - Vas ist DOS? Some handy AmigaDOS commands Commodore doesn't tell you about. Also Cinemaware preview, Mind Walker and The Music Studio.

  • Beginner's Corner - Disk Data. How it gets there, where it goes, and what it means.

  • Machine Language - Build your own computer without wire, pliers or spare parts. McCormick does it in software.

  • More Computer Magic - "A State of Mind." This time the computer knows what state you're thinking of. Incredible.

  • File Viewer - "And I wish that I could look at any file on my floppy disk." Wish granted.
...and more!

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