Wednesday, June 19, 2019

New Mutants #19 (Vol. 3)

Next up in my 50 cent comic stash from MegaCon is New Mutants #19. Along with The Uncanny X-Men, the original run of The New Mutants was one of my favorite comics back in the day. This issue from 2011 is actually from Volume 3 which reunites the original team members.

Apparently, this series started when a Magik from the future comes back in time from to warn of impending danger.

In this particular issue, the team has been captured by some soldiers that had been stuck in Limbo for many years and who are trying to go back and destroy the place, or at least its occupants. However, they need members of The New Mutants in order to create a weapon. Of course, they manage to escape.

I never read anything other than the original run of The New Mutants but this at least seems reminiscent of it. It's hard to gauge the quality of a series from one issue but it seems those who liked the original series would be interested in this one.

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