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CD-i Magazine (June 1995)

CD-i Magazine (June 1995)

The CD-i was an optical disc data storage format developed by CD-i. Philips developed the CD-i player as a home set top box meant for education and entertainment though it would become best known for its games. While never getting a strong foothold in the market, it did hang around for a while and had magazines such as CDi (published in the U.K) dedicated to it. The June 1995 issue includes:

  • News: Andy Clough reports on some of the terrific new titles that were unveiled at the E3 show in Los Angeles last month; Bits signs joine-venture with Philips; PMI unveils three new music discs; Arnold Schwarzenegger in Video CD deal; Virtual Nightclub signed to CDi.
  • Games Galore: Lost Eden, Kingdom, Thunder in Paradise
  • Andy Stout visits Cryo Interactive in Paris, the software company developing Lost Eden for CDi
  • Tinsel Town: news of the latest Hollywood movies on Video CD
  • Music: jazz fan Patrick Bateman assesses the latest batch of musical Video CD releases from CD Vision
  • Kids' Stuff: Paddington Bear, Asterix, Stickybear and the Secret of Nimh
  • Humor: jinks and japes from Jeeves and Wooster and The New Statesman
  • Player's Guides: tips for Burn:Cycle and Dragon's Lair II from our fearless duo Steve Hayes and Darren Hodges

...and more!

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