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MicroComputer Printout (July 1982)

MicroComputer Printout (July 1982)

MicroComputer Printout was an early 1980s computer magazine published in the U.K. that focused on beginners in the computing world. It covered various home computers of the time. Contents of the July 1982 issue includes:

  • Typing Tutor - Improve your speed and accuracy with this free program listing.
  • Financial Modeling - What is it; who uses it; which is really the best package?
  • IBM v. Sirius - Which of the new 16-bit personal computers comes out on top?
  • Sinclair Spectrum - Real computing at rock bottom price? We take a long, hard look.
  • How To Buy a Payroll - Should you computerize your payroll first or last?
  • Read/Write - Where the readers fight back
  • Hotline - A new micro from the world's largest mini maker, plus other hot tidbits.
  • Dream & Reality - Atari's new Program Exchange
  • Hardware: How It Works - Looking at a microprocessor from the inside out.
  • Which Package? - Financial modeling programs evaluated feature by feature.
  • Free Competition - Win an Osbourne 1 briefcase computer.
  • Rex Malik's Official Computer Joke Book - Have you heard the one about...
  • Algorithms - Just for computer scientists? No Sir!
  • Enhancing PET BASIC - Give your PET a new command that could save hours.
  • Jungle Law - A beginner's guide to silicon-based life forms.
  • Tommy's Tips
  • Inside Trader

...and more!

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