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Personal Computer News (September 29th-October 5th, 1983)

Personal Computer News (September 29th-October 5th, 1983)

Personal Computer News is a weekly publication that covered the latest in computers (at the time) and was published in the early to mid 1980s. The issue from the week of September 29th to October 5th, 1983 includes:


  • Monitor - Report from premier Paris show, Sinclair blames programming practices, and a full preview of this week's PCW show.
  • PCN Charts
  • Random Access - Here's where you get yours...your chance to speak out, that is.
  • Routine Inquiries - Max Phillips to the rescue again in his tireless quest to aid bewildered micro users.
  • Microwaves - More of your own programming tips for the popular machines.
  • Back Issues - Fill the holes in your PCN collection.
  • ProgramCards - Games for the Oric and ZX81. Owners of the former machine get the chance to play at Mozart, while Sinclair fans go hunting gold beneath the sea.
  • Clubnet - In search of fellow fans? You'll find hundreds here.
  • Databasics - Your complete guide to all of the current hardware.
  • Readout - Books for BBC owners, electronic enthusiasts and would-be robot builders.
  • Billboard - Pick up a bargain in our micro marketplace.
  • Quit/Dateline - More of the industry's idiocies, plus forthcoming attractions around the world.

PCN Specials

  • Spectrum up front - Kevin Ball offers some machine code routines to pep-up your program displays.

PCN Pro-Test: Software

  • IBM forecasts - Pete Fawcett adds up Ashston Tate's Financial Planner for the PC.
  • Home Education - It's the industry's latest bandwagon - but what to the intended beneficiaries, the youngsters themselves, think about it?

PCN Pro-Test: Peripherals

  • Spectrum a la modem - Prism's VTX5000 modem opens up a new world for Sinclair owners. John Lettice delivers his verdict.
  • Extended Dragon - Brian Cadge continues his look at the Dragon disk package. This week it's the turn of the extended Basic.

PCN Pro-Test: Hardware

  • Japan revisited - The Advanced Personal Computer is NEC's choice for its business micro comeback. Bryan Skinner asks: how advanced is it?


  • Into the dungeons in the company of your Commodore 64
  • Educational games for the informative BBC Micro
  • Take flight in a Dragon and a BBC

...and more!

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