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Video Games (October 1982)

Video Games (October 1982)

Video Games was one of a number of early video game magazines that were born just in time to die an early death due to the video game crash of that time period. The October 1982 issue includes:


  • Video Games Interview: Tim Skelly - One of a growing list of unmasked, eager-to-talk game designers, Skelly's topics include his recent game Reactor, his days at Cinematronics and theta wave meditation.
  • Video Games Go to the Movies - Tron and Starblasters are sure-fire evidence of Hollywood's latest love affair.
  • The Art of Video Games - How do all those pretty pictures get on to the video screen? Bob Mecoy provides some answers and also takes a revealing peek into the future.
  • Coleco Has a Vision - Better Games for All - What's in a name? Steve Bloom examines the past, present and immediate future of this extremely ambitious toy manufacturer.

Special Section

  • Roger Dionne's A Buyer's Guide to Home Video Games - Dionne dissects 19 of the most popular and/or up-and-coming cartridges, including Defender, Star Strike and The Quest for the Rings. Adapted from the Banbury book.


  • Hyperspace - A few words of hype from the editor.
  • Double Speak - Some words of advice from our readers.
  • Blips - Death of a gamer, Applefest reviewed, new software on the block, Apollo's story, the latest legal news, last call for computer camp.
  • Dr. Video - Ever wonder what all that game playing is doing to your eyes? Our resident optometrist, Dr. Arnold Sherman, has.
  • Book Beat - John "Hey Buddy! Can You Spare a Quarter?" Holmstrom can't stand all those "beat-the-games" books. Can you?
  • Coin-Op Shop - Nobody review 'em better than Eugene "Defender/Stargate/Robotron" Jarvis. Everyone's favorite game designer takes a look at Turbo, Zaxxon, Dig Dug, Robby Roto and Grand Champion.
  • Hard Sell - Got $300? Wanna blow it on a TV-game system? Roger Dionne narrows your choice down to Intellivision and Astrocade.
  • Comic Relief - Videosyncratic views of arcade life from Matt Howarth, Lou Stathis, Peter Bagge, and John Holmstrom (again?).
  • Outtakes

...and more!

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