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Computer Gamer (January 1986)

Computer Gamer (January 1986)

Computer Gamers is a computer gaming magazine that was published in the U.K. in the 1980s. The January 1986 issue includes:


  • News - The latest game news.
  • High-Score - Are you one of the best?
  • Coin-op Connection - What's going to be in the arcades next year? Find out by reading our special report from the Associated Leisure Show.
  • The Trolls Tavern - The second part of our special article on Roleplaying games.
  • Adventure Helplines - Help and hints for ailing adventurers.
  • Adventure Reviews - The latest adventures reviewed.
  • Dungeon Dressing - This month DD features 100 million adventure plots!
  • PBM Update - Sign up for our special offer game of It's a Crime.
  • Between the Covers - More editions for the Gamer library.
  • Reviews - Screenshot reviews of the latest games.
  • Into Games - Our arcade game writing series features a game for the Spectrum.


  • Elektraglide - An in depth review of English Software's superb new racing game.
  • Assault on Argon - All the rules and counters you'll need to play our fantastic free game.
  • Superman - You've read the comics, seen the films now read about the game.
  • The Abbey of Satanic Evil - Can you survive a visit to the Abbey in this month's "Heroic Warrior" adventure.
  • Spellbound - A superb arcade adventure.


  • Fairytale Adventure (Commodore 64)
  • Krakatoa (Spectrum)


  • Readers Club - Join the thousands that have joined our FREE club.
  • Elite Competition - Win a copy of this fantastic game for your machine.
  • Win the Infocom Classics! - If you enjoy adventures then you'll love this prize.
  • Win a Roleplaying Game! - 25 copies of Corgi's Dragon Warriors roleplaying game up for grabs in our easy to enter competition.

...and more!

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