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MEGA (November 1992)

MEGA (November 1992)

MEGA is a magazine that was published in the U.K. and dedicated to the Sega Genesis, or Mega Drive as it was known there. The November 1992 issue includes:

  • Mega City - The big news this month is that a Labour MP is campaigning for a drop in the price of carts (good news), and that the Future Entertainment Show is almost upon us. It'll be a game player's paradise and what's more, MEGA will be there (even better news), PLUS! All the latest games news from USA and Japan.

  • The Charts - Once again MEGA takes a look at what's driving the punters wild this month. Yes, it's the top 20 official releases and import games.

  • Does Dominik Diamond Really Know What He's Talking About, Or What? - True games master or fraud? MEGA finds out if the host of Channel 4's Gamesmaster show, the self-styled "spokesman of videogamers in Britain today: actually knows diddly squat about his subject. Throughout the first series, Mr. Diamond (as his bank manager calls him) came in for a lot of stick from mags who accused him of knowing less than a particularly laid-back blancmange. Neil West decided to find out for himself, as once more MEGA probes the stars (whether they like to be probed or not).

  • Inspect A Gadget! - (Sorry, great feature, sorry about the sad, pathetic pun.) This is where MEGA shows you everything you ever wanted for your Mega Drive but never knew existed, lists every add-on, gadget and widget available, then tells you if they're any good and where to get hold of them.

  • Previews - Road Rash 2? Surely not. What, and Humans? Gulp. Ragnarok too? Lotus Turbo Challenge? Risky Woods? Is there no end to this previews section? Well yes, there is (to be perfectly honest) but it's still pretty packed.

  • Reviewed This Month
    • Sonic 2
    • Thunderstorm FX
    • Captain America
    • Greendog
    • Twinkle Tale
    • Gley Lancer
    • Predator 2
    • Super High Impact
    • Side Pocket
    • Lemmings
    • Gadget Twins
    • Galahad
    • Xenon II

  • Sonic 2 - Reviewed! - MEGA puts Sega's spiky speed merchant to the test in the UK's first review starting on page 36.

  • Mega Play - Once again, MEGA scatters its more fibres to the four winds and cheats like hell. Feast your eyes upon a shimmering host of cheats, codes, hints and tips in this month's MEGA PLAY.

  • Rip 'n' Tip - Yep, it's time once again to bring you those handy-dandy little cut-out-and-keep gameplaying guides. This month MEGA tells you everything you need to know about Chuck Rock and Revenge of Shinobi. Scissors at the ready chaps!

  • Mega Medic - Paul Mellerick, the man with the maps, the chap with the cheats, the cad with the codes and the twerp with the tips, once again answers your questions on a whole host of Mega Drive games. he may smell, but trust him, he knows his games.

  • Areana - It comes to us all in the end. At some stage everyone gets tired of playing with their Mega Drives. This is why MEGA brings you ARENA, the page which contains all sorts of game secrets, hidden bonuses and wacky challenges to put new life into those tired old carts.

  • Top 100 and Reader Ads - Each month the MEGA team writes the names of 100 Mega Drive games on pieces of card and throw them into the air to find the order in which they appear. Actually, that's not true. The Top 100 games are carefully selected in order of fabbiness, AND they feature your ads. So if you're after a cart - this is where to start.

  • Subs and Back Issues - MEGA is selling like hot cakes which have suddenly given blanket coverage in the media and become an overnight, worldwide success. Don't risk missing out on your copy each month - subscribe! And get a free video in the deal!

  • Mega Mouth - Neil West (you know him, he's the Editor) casts a weary eye on your mail and answers your questions in his own unique, individual way (in other words, rather badly.)

  • Scalextric Compo - To coincide with our exclusive preview of Road Rash 2 and Lotus Turbo Challenge (sort of), EA have donated ten Road Rash carts...

  • Mail Order - Bargains ahoy! There are savings-a-plenty to be made in the mail order section. Take a look and do some Sega shopping by post. Grab your credit cards and turn to page 102 right now. Remember: materialism is fun.

  • Shut Down - By the time you read this, you'll have realized that MEGA's gone up in pages since last month - great for you, more work for us. Hmm. Anyway, once you've read this spectacularly BIG issue of MEGA, take a look at page 106 to see what's coming up next time around. And don't forget, there's still a chance for you to win yourself a real coin-op-cabinet (among other things.)

... and more!

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