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Edge (April 1994)

Edge (April 1994)

Edge was a gaming magazine that covered 16 and 32-bit consoles as well as the PC. I guess it was sort of a U.K. version of Next Generation if I had to compare it to something. The April 1994 issue includes:

  • News - Once again Edge takes the lid of the world of interactive entertainment with top info from Japan, London and Milton Keynes
  • This month on Edge - A new feature to the mag in which we bring you some of the quirkier stories and events which occurred during the course of Edge 7
  • Letters - A chance to air your views on all things technological, interactive or electronic
  • Prescreen - Edge takes a pre-pro look at some of the more innovative games heading to a screen near you. Top billing goes to Sega's Daytona coin-op.
  • Elite Systems - For over a decade, Elite have been making games; now they're getting into Super FX, PC and 3DO
  • LaserActive - Pioneer's LaserActive system promises the gameplay of Mega Drive with the visuals of LaserDisc. But does it deliver?
  • PC - The PC has steadily grown from spreadsheet pusher to polygon shifter. But the hardware is starting to show its age. Edge reveals all
  • Testscreen - Edge passes judgement on the current crop of games. And, as ever, no punches are pulled
  • Charts - The best-selling videogames on the top formats
  • Recommended Reading - The magazine equivalent of a London phonebox
  • Back Issues - An incomplete set of Edge is a crime. Sort it.
  • Subscription - If you're reading this, you're already hooked. Make it easy on yourself and get Edge delivered.
  • Jez San - Edge speaks to the self-confessed "information sponge" about all things interactive: from NESGlider to set top boxes
  • Questions & Answers - Technology demystified: is Jaguar up to the new competition? Can CD32 play PC games?

...and more!

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