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Fast Draw Showdown (Arcade)

Fast Draw Showdown (Arcade)

American Laser Games was briefly famous for their laser disc based light gun arcade games that featured live action video. Their first and probably most famous game was Mad Dog McCree produced in 1990. The game featured in this review is Fast Draw Showdown which was released in 1994 and was the last arcade game released by American Laser Games.

I was never a big fan of this type of game. It relied heavily on timing and less on strategy or other skills. However, this kind of game definitely had an appeal to certain gamers. If you liked Dragon's Lair and Space Ace then there is a good chance you would like these games too.

Fast Draw Showdown was shorter and less story based than American Laser Games previous efforts. You play the role of a lawman who has showdowns with various gunfighters. You must draw your gun as quickly as possible and shoot your enemy before they shoot you. However, you can't draw too soon or it is considered a foul. Three and you are out. Your final opponent, should you make it that far, is Wes Flowers, who happens to be a real life Fast Draw champion.

This arcade game was actually re-released by Global VR in 2002. In addition, it was also released for the PC by Digital Leisure, who bought the rights to American Laser Games' releases, in 2004. It also made it to the Wii via WiiWare in 2010 and for the PS3 via the PlayStation Network in 2011. American Laser Games was a big supporter of the 3DO and many of their games made it to that platform. However, while Fast Draw Showdown was announced for that system, it was never released.

The images above are from the arcade version of the game.

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